Central Avenue Improvements Project

The Central Avenue Improvements Project will make a generational transformation in the city’s historic downtown district by revitalizing a key section of Central Avenue within the city’s urban core.

The Middletown Master Plan engaged residents, local businesses, civic and community leaders, and many other voices, in an extensive process to help shape the future of Middletown. Preserving the history of our downtown district, while revitalizing shared community space, was at the heart of that plan.

Middletown central Avenue Overview Map

The Central Avenue Improvements Project will reconstruct a half-mile segment of Central Avenue in Downtown Middletown between University Boulevard and Verity Parkway/Canal Street.

The project also includes significant investments in safety for vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic, as well as multiple beautification elements, including decorative street lights, landscape planters, and brick pavers.

Middletown central Avenue Overview Map

Making Downtown Middletown a Unique Destination

Central Avenue Improvements support Master Plan.

The Central Avenue Improvements project is consistent with the Middletown Master Plan. Developed in 2010, the goals of the Master Plan are to diversify and modernize the local economy, turn current liabilities into future assets, and improve community image. The Central Avenue Improvements will modernize outdated infrastructure that will help attract and retain businesses and benefit residents and visitors of the downtown area.


The City of Middletown

Strategically positioned between Cincinnati and Dayton, Middletown is part of a growing region of 2.9 million people.

30-minute Drive

from Dayton and Cincinnati

50,409 Total Population

with .31% growth rate

1,378 Businesses

19,848 age 16+ employed